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Drawing and watching NCIS

I've been doing a 13 panel project loosely based on little red riding hood and, in the process, learned some great methods for digital ink/color. I have a few of the panels on my deviant art page but I'm not going to post the full series because it was featured on this website and could eventually be marketable. Plus I'm recoloring/touching up some of the earlier panels since I wasn't as good at the digital coloring thing when I started.

So M setup a webpage for me to post my drawing work. Not sure what it's going to end up as but for now she posted a couple pictures I did recently. She even setup an RSS feed which is funny if not incredibly narcissistic but it will come in handy if we start a weekly/daily web comic type post thing.

I worked 6 days this week and managed to get flats done on 4 revised panels. I'm so freaken tired.

Oh, and I just watched the season finale to season 2, NCIS ("Twilight"). Oh-my-FREAKEN-god. If you have not seen this show yet, do not look up season 2, just get season 1 and watch it. If you have seen NCIS, WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME??! Wait, I'm actually glad no one told me but OH JESUS CHRIST!

Now I'm going to crash.

PS. Josie is an awesome dog and I'm so glad she's a part of my life.
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