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So I got appendicitis at the end of March.

It was in the middle of the night and I was in immense amount of pain. Surgery was quick, my recovery was good, I did not need to stay the night. So yeah, typical thing that most people will go through but without any complications.

NOW, if you want to see why our health system is so fucked up and why people tend to go bankrupt when they don't have insurance: I got my bill this week.

Total room and bed for part of the day (not overnight): $1687.00
IV Therapy: $952.00
IV Solutions: $461.45
Sterile supply (for stitching me up): $1127.14
Lab work: $134.00
Micro Exam (to make sure they removed the right thing): $151.00
Total for CT scan: $4787.00
Level 5 Mor(phine?) (I assume during surgery) $18144.00 !! WHAT ?!
Total Anesthesia: $2145.12
Emergency Room: $2687.00
Total Drug (assume this is extra misc plus Rx) $780.00
Recovery Room: $1760.00

Total if I was uninsured: Over $34 THOUSAND!

For something that most people experience and is unpredictable, unpreventable, this is just crazy.

Luckily, I am insured and I will be paying only a fraction of this. But still, as M said, "hope you enjoyed that morphine" for $18k.
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