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WTH my cat is an "Can Has" lolcat.

Thanks for pointing that out blackspiral. I didn't get it at first when you text'd me. I thought it was like "oh your cat is funny." Then I looked up the website and was all "whow."
Here's where it's from:

Should I say something to the website about the picture being mine? I'm just concerned that if I don't defend my picture now that I know it's being used that I might lose my rights over the picture. I don't really mind them using it. I just don't want to lose ownership over it.
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you should tell them, if you don't want to lose your right to it.
I sent them a note basically saying I don't mind them using it but I want to make sure I'm given credit and that I don't lose ownership over it. Copy right stuff is so funky, I just never thought I'd have to worry about it with casual "family" pictures.
I'm more curious as to how it ended up there :P
Well they gave me credit and said I still retain ownership so it's all good! :D
I'm not a lawyer or anything, but copyright is generally lost if you don't make an effort to have it enforced. If someone can point to an image and say it's part of the public iconography, you'll lose your rights to it. (And icanhascheeseburger, is about as "public" a forum as you can get.)
For a fun story about loss of copyright, google R. Crumb's attempts to get "Keep on Truckin'" back from the many headed beast.