Morbid Art (morbidart) wrote,
Morbid Art

San Diego Comic Con friday morning.

kay, so 6am was not early enough.




Main parking lot is full, surrounding parking lots are already full and I almost didn't make it into the baseball parking garage. It actually said "FULL" as I was just a couple cars from paying but they let me in because of the disabled parking. Lucky... very lucky.

Still had to walk about... 6 blocks for the length of the convention center i think. Well, at least they have free wi-fi.

We'll see if I last the day, yesterday was the "light" day but had nothing light about it. And considering today is going to be busier but not the busiest (reserved for Saturday), I can't even comprehend how it's going to be.

Doors open in 65 minutes... coffee shop opens in 35 minutes.
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